Our People

Stitches USA, LLC. was established in 2002 in Sugarcreek, Ohio. Located in the heart of Amish country, we have a local workforce that shares the traditions of hard work and high quality products.
In 2011, we moved to a larger facility, the present location, in Walnut Creek, in order to expand the company.
Since then we have embraced new challenges and continue to produce a variety of projects with an excellent workforce. We take pride in our team culture and tradition that remains in our community.
To consistently provide quality crafted textile products and assembly services to customers in the U.S. and abroad at competitive prices.
One of the biggest challenges facing business today is the peculiar reality that it faces the challenge of supplying goods and services to a customer base demanding more "value" for its money in a society that ascribes to the philosophy that businesses and educational institutions should be "value free."
The fact remains that you cannot have one without the other. Value in goods produced or services provided can only be achieved by organizations that are committed to clearly defined core values.

"Superior Craftsmanship"...in every piece, on every job comes our quality manufacturing practices and generations of local culture, sewing tradition, and work ethic.

"Performance On-Time"...every time.

"Service with a Smile"...and accuracy too. You're why we're here and it shows in everything we think, say, and do for you everday.

"Top Notch Quality"...unbeatable quality made right here in the USA.